How Can I Prevent my Pipes from Freezing?

Winter weather in Virginia is unpredictable. One day the temperature is
nearing sixty degrees, and just days later the temperature hovers near
or below freezing. Freezing water pipes are a real problem when the
temperature dips near freezing. Water expands as it freezes,
and regardless of how strong you think your pipes might be, that expansion
will put undue pressure on them and can lead to fissures and cracking.

How Bad Can it Be?
When pipes freeze, they are prone to cracking and bursting.
Even the smallest hairline crack in a pipe can turn into a
massive leak when the water freezes and expands, and the
pipe bursts. This can cause destructive water damage and flooding.
The pipes that are most prone to freezing are those located outside
or along an exterior wall.

How Can I Prevent my Pipes from Freezing?
Before the onset of freezing temperatures, do...
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