Remembering History: 9/11 Intersect Map

How to share your 9/11 Memories on Intersect

1. Go to
2. Connect with FB/Twitter/or create a new account
3. Click share a story (upper right)
4. Choose a title, add photos and/or video (from supported sites like YouTube), write your story.
5. Enter date for story (in time bar) and location (in place bar) you can include participants (this is where they could include us to make sure we see the story)
6. Tags (search terms)
7. Publish your story (always able to edit later)
8. It will then appear in a public timeline.
9. You can read others' stories and 'borrow' to bring into your own timeline.
10. You can follow other users, so it's always easy to see their most recent posts
11. Help page here: