64 eb past Harpersville Rd overpass 64 eb 0.8 Mi past Harpersville Rd overpass 64 wb 0.6 Mi past Big Bethel Rd overpass Mercury Blvd. and Orcutt Ave. Mercury Blvd. and Big Bethel Rd. Mercury Blvd. and Aberdeen Rd. Power Plant Pkwy 64 wb @ Big Bethel Rd overpass Magruder Blvd. and Semple Farm Rd. CMDR Shepard Blvd. and Wythe Creek Rd. Pembroke Ave. and Woodland Rd. Armistead Ave. and HRCP 90: 64 King St - Armistead 88: 64 Hampton Creek Bridge 87: 64 OL at Settlers Landing Road 86: 64 OL at Mallory St HRBT Eastbound Approach - West Tower HRBT Eastbound 1st Cam In HRBT Westbound 1st Cam In 85: 64 OL near Inspection Station MMBT Northbound Tube 2nd Cam In MMBT Northbound Approach MMBT Southbound Tube 2nd Cam In I-664 @ MMBT Southbound Approach 111: I-664 @ 27th St 110: 664 35th St 108: 664 Roanoke Ave 109: 664 Chestnut Ave 106: 664 Aberdeen Rd 664 North of Aberdeen 664 - Powhatan Pkwy S 664/64 Interchange 664/64 Interchange HRCP and Micale Ave. Big Bethel Rd. and HRCP Magruder Blvd. and HRCP Armistead Ave. and Commander Shep. Blvd. 64 eb at exit 255 (Jefferson) 64 eb at Jefferson Ave overpass 64 wb 0.5 Mi before Jefferson Ave 64 wb 0.25 Mi before Victory Blvd 64 wb @ Victory Blvd overpass 64 eb just prior to Exit 258A Aberdeen Rd. and Briarfield Rd. 664 South of Powhatan Pkwy Mercury Blvd. and Coliseum Dr. 94: 64/664 Interchange 93: Lasalle 64/664 Interchange Mercury Blvd. and King St. Mercury Blvd. and Armistead Ave. Coliseum Dr. and HRCC North 92: Mercury Blvd. and LaSalle Ave. Coliseum Dr. and Convention Ctr. Blvd. 91: Armistead Ave. and LaSalle Ave. 89: old cement factory Mercury Blvd. and Woodland Rd. Mercury Blvd. and Mallory St. Foxhill Rd. and Woodland Rd. Foxhill Rd. and Willow Oaks Blvd.